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Our driving lessons ar booked through a scheduling program. the link is found on the DRIVING PAGE. This is for the 16-20 year old drivers who are taking the driving course only. When you fill in the information, the office will text you with the link for the appointment book. You will have to sign up and use a password every time you want to schedule. Please make a note of your password as the office will not be able to help you if you forget.

This program has set parameters

  1. There are only 30 days open to book at any time. At midnight another day opens
  2. You must schedule 3 days minimum between lessons

After 20 years of teaching teens to drive I am working towards retirement. Why? First, age, (i’m 69 years young). Second, I am alll over the covid stress and third, the lack of instructors. Because of these reasons and a few more, I have decided to not renew my school license this November 2022.  At his time I am driving daily with all the students who sign up for lessons.  If you have any inquires please cal me at 978-621-0722, or send me an email at

All of your records of classroom attendance have been entered into the Registry of Motor Vehicles database.

We are different from other Driving Schools. Why? Read on…

Not all driving schools are the same. Brights is BETTER. Click to read why!



30 hour classroom session is part of the Driver’s Education program for the teen driver. Must be at least 15yr. 9mth. to start class.

Book your driving lessons online

Take your driving lessons with us. We accept all students. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Select the town of pick up, then book a lesson. DONE Make sure you visit our driving page to learn more about our lessons.

Starting your child on the ROAD? Here is a FREE PDF Booklet. 

Download and print out. This gives you all the tools you need for teaching your child the basics of getting ready to drive on the road.

Our Location:

 IPSWICH, MA 01983

Our Location

Our Location

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We will get back to you shortly.

Driving can be Dangerous

Driving on the road can be dangerous, but here are some tips to help keep you safe on the road.

First, your vehicle should be in tip top condition. Take care of the car and do the routine maintenance. This will extend the life of your car. It will also make your car safer to drive. Check the fluid levels regularly, inspect the tire pressure, tread depth and wear. Lastly don’t forget the windshield wipers, good wipers allow you to see the road better in bad weather.

Second, when driving, be defensive. If you are an aggressive driver, and drive with no regard to the speed limit, or rules of the road, tailgate and cut into traffic, you will have an accident sooner than later. Defensive driving techniques include driving the speed limit, keep 3-4 seconds between cars, be pleasant to others on the road. This should keep you out of trouble.

Third..Pay attention to the weather. If it is winter keep an eye on the temperature and forecast, you don’t want to get caught driving on black ice, slush or snow.  In the Spring and Summer, there is fog, flooding rains, intense thunderstorms, tornados, and hurricanes. If you must drive in adverse conditions, do so with great caution, or put off the driving until the weather improves.


Fifth.. PAY ATTENTION. Keep your focus on the road. One second of distraction and you could crash your car.

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