When you’re looking for a driving school for yourself or your child to attend, there are many things to consider. I hope that by reading further you will be convinced to sign up.


The roads have changed, there are more cars out there every day than there were 20 years ago. The cars have changed, they are lighter, faster and manufactured to crush easier than 20 years ago. Technology has changed… 20 years ago NO INTERNET… NO WI-FI, … nuf said.

So why would you send a tech-savvy child to a driving school still teaching the same as the 1960’s. We show new movies from AAA on a huge screen, movies were produced no more than 5 years ago,  We are in contact with many organizations that research safe road design and driving. We are constantly learning and updating the information we are presenting to the students.  I am frustrated when students that come to us from other driving schools looking for licensing tests. It is sad to see that they were short changed by instructors teaching  OLD methods of driving that might put their lives in danger. Any yes, even from those who claim to be professional.

Our school is small, we do not have 20+ instructors, we have just a few. AND THAT”S GOOD. We don’t rush your child through 12 lessons and then charge you for as many road tests it takes to pass. NO .. WE include the road test, make sure you have the skills to pass and be a good driver, and if you do fail because of nerves, the next test is $40.

The age and experience of the instructors is important. AAA has reviewed the research from the 1990’s that led to the Junior Operator Passenger Restrictions. Because of today’s technology, they were able to better pinpoint the results more precisely.

This new study showed that the risk of accident dropped when there was someone at least 35 years old up front with the driving teen. All of our instructors are well over that base age of 35, and come with lots and lots of experience. Each instructor has been teaching for over 10 years, and is licensed and CORI tested by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.



  1. We offer a classroom session almost every month, and some months we offer more than one. Our most popular classes run during all of the vacation weeks. These classes run Monday-Friday, or 5 days (9-4 or 8-3 daily).

  2. During the months there is no vacation we offer weekend classes. BUT.. our weekend classes are different. Only 3 weekends and done. Saturday is all day (9-4 or 8-3) and Sunday is a short day. (10-2:30 or 9-1:30) Each weekend counts up to 10 hours of class. Before you know it the class portion is done.

  3. Open Enrollment – as long as the student is 15 years, 9 months old they can start. Although it is best to start at the beginning of a class.

  4. Online booking of the driving lessons.  NO PHONE TAG!!!!  Driving lessons can be booked at any time of day by going online.

  5. We communicate! Our office is open and staffed Monday thru Friday 10am – 3pm.  When the office is closed, all calls are transferred to the owner’s cell phone.  Hopefully you will be able to talk to a human being any day. If you don’t reach us, because we are driving,  please leave a message, , we answer you within 48 hours.

  6. GOT A QUESTION??  Our website is open 24/7 where tons of information is listed. I bet you might find your answer there.

  7. We pick up the students at home, school, or possibly work, we have even picked up students at the beach, and dropped them off there as well.

Our School:

Our school is small, we do not have a lot of instructors, we have a few GREAT instructors. We enjoy getting to know each student and their individual needs. EACH of our instructors are very experienced and been driving for over 40 years. Combined there is over 50 years teaching experience.

Our classroom material is up to date. We use the AAA’s program “How to Drive”. The student will  see new HD movies for every chapter. These movies are projected up on a 120″ screen.  They are given a textbook to bring home to review and share with parents. They also bring home a booklet about basic Auto Mechanics. no use learning to drive without knowledge of the machine.


We try real hard to keep our prices reasonable.  Our payment plans fits many pocketbooks. We try to arrange  the payments so they don’t have too much bite. We offer a discount if you have twins, triplets.. taking the course at once. We offer siblings a discount as a THANK YOU for trusting us to teach your child again to drive. Our prices include the road test sponsorship. The easiest fastest way to licensing.



Take the time to look through our Website. Most of your questions will be answered on our website.

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