as of May 20, 2020


YOUR ROAD TEST: If you had a road test scheduled already, the Registry will re-book the appointment. They will then email you to the email that is on file for your account in ATLAS, They will also follow up with a letter about the date. Now if you would like me to take you to the Registry and review the procedures on the day of the test, YOU MUST NOTIFY ME OF THE DATE AND TIME AS SOON AS YOU ARE NOTIFIED. If you call me at the last minute, I have not penciled you in and I may not be able to break away. I do not believe that you will get a test before June 8th, that is the date of Phase 2 possible starting up.

GETTING YOUR PERMIT:  anyone who is going to take their permit test, there will be changes. The Registry is looking to have you take the test ON-LINE!

  • If you already took a permit test, but failed, I am sorry, but if the Registry has already seen all of your The Registry documents, you will probably only need to apply on the Registry website and go from there.
  • If you have NEVER tried to take their permit test, you will have to present the Registry with all of your documentation. I suggested that maybe the AAA office might be able to enter the information, but at this time you will have to make an appointment at the Registry to present the documentation. Once you have presented the documents, (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, your last bank statement, and another document with your name and address on it , or the Affiliated of Residence) If you pay at that time, make sure you pre-pay EVERYTHING. Permit $30, Road Test Appointment $35 License $50 TOTAL= $125

YOUR DRIVING LESSONS: I have already notified anyone who was already driving back in April that I have separated you into 3-4 groups. When talking to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, it seems that we will be part of PHASE 2 and at that time we will start to get back to the driving lessons.

  • Group 1 –  almost done with their driving or have 5 lessons or less left to drive
  • Group 2 –  Those who have started driving, but have less than 6 lessons completed
  • Group 3 – Those who have their permit, and have gone into the Appointy program, made an account, but has not started the driving
  • Group 4 – Those who I have recently found out they have their permit, but done nothing about starting their driving lessons.

As of today 5/26 I have heard from Don and he will be driving with me when we start, I have not heard from Peggy. I plan on emailing or calling Group 1 and getting their driving lessons scheduled out so they can finish ASAP.

After I complete scheduling Group 1 I will notify Group 2 and they will be able to sign onto the Appointy program and schedule the lessons.

After 4 days I will let everyone else hop on to the program.


1ST – ALL DRIVING LESSONS MUST BE PREPAID. I do not want to be handling money. Please send a check to the office prior to the lesson. If you have a lesson scheduled, and I have not received payment, you will have 48 hours to drop off a check at the office. If no payment is received the next scheduled lesson will be cancelled and there will be no further lessons until payment is made. (SORRY)

2ND – Before getting into the vehicle, the instructor will take your temp (touch-less forehead). if your temperature is not normal, no lesson.

Masks are required in the car, and I will have gloves if you wish.  If you have a mask that you find comfortable please bring your own.

No food is allowed in the vehicle, If you wish you can have a bottled water, but that is all. and you will be required to take the bottle with you when your lesson is over.

The vehicle will be wiped down with disinfectant between  students, and a over sweep of a UV light on top of the disinfectant.

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