What towns does your school cover?

Our signature towns were Byfield, Rowley, Ipswich, Georgetown, Hamilton, Topsfield.  In November 2022 I retired and closed the school.

When can my child start Drivers Ed?

The student may attend the classroom portion when they are 15 years and 9 months old. – TO THE DAY AND NOT BEFORE!

When do they get their driving permit?

On, or after their 16th birthday they can go online and make an appointment to go to the Registry and register for the permit test. Please make a list of the documents to bring with you. After registration you maye be able to take the test then at the RMV.. or they may have you take it at home on your computer. If you take the test at home and pass.. please make sure you print out MULTIPLE copies of your permit to drive on the computer. 


What should we bring with us when we go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to take the Knowledge test?

They should print and bring the paperwork forms off the Registry of Motor Vehicles website, along with their birth certificate (the one from the town hall.. not the one from the hospital ), and their Social Security card., and 2 documents with their address on it . The full list is listed under REAL – ID under INFORMATION on the menu. All of these must be original, not copies, and not laminated.

What is the knowledge test for the permit like?
It is a computer test of 25 multiple choice questions. You are given 25 minutes to pass the test. You must get 18 correct to pass the test. (8 wrong or skipped you fail)  If you have an IEP for unrestricted time or use of headphones bring the IEP with you.
Can we go to any Registry of Motor Vehicles to take the knowledge test?

The only Registry of Motor Vehicles north of Boston that provide a knowledge test for the permit are…

Danvers, Haverhill, Lawrence, Wilmington, Revere, and Lowell

How much does the knowledge test for the permit cost?
The knowledge test for the permit costs $30.00.  But, while you are there, think about pre-paying all of your future licensing fees.  ($115.00 total – $30.00 Knowledge test;  $50.00 plastic license; $35.00 road test )
What is included in the Driver’s Education course?
  • 30 hours of classroom study
  • 12 hours of driving behind the wheel
  • 6+ hours observing another student driving
  • 2 hour parent seminar
How many hours are the accelerated classes?

The accelerated class is 30 hours of classroom.. the driving will be done at a later date.  “Accelerated” means that the class is not stretched out over many weeks. It is condensed to five or six all day classes.

When can the student start driving lessons?
As soon as they have a driving permit and have driven ON THE ROAD with parents at least five hours, they can join the other students in the car.
Don’t you, the driving school, teach them to drive?

The parents actually teach  the child to drive. We instruct them with the safe driving techniques, and teach the skills so the hopefully can pass their road test. We only have them in the car for twelve hours.  If the parent is reluctant to start the child on the road, please talk to the driving school to see if they are willing to do the primary instruction for your child. This is a scary prossess for the parent or instructor. The instructor does not know your child and it might be a stressful experience for both. It is best if you choose a large parking lot to start and drive there until the child begins to understand the way the car moves and stops. This is a ggod time to work on YOUR key words to control the car.

What are the group lessons like?
We usually pick up a student at school or home, work… they will drive for an hour. During that hour we will either drive and access their skills, or incorporate a specific new skill, and review old ones. At the end of the hour we will have picked up another student and they will drive for an hour, the first student will observe.  There are many times the student may be in the car alone with the instructor, and sometimes there are three students in the car. Occasionally we pick up 2 students (friends) and they take turns driving and observing until their time is up.
Can my child take 3 lessons or more in one day?
No, the Registry of Motor Vehicles mandates the child not be in the car longer than 2 hours in one day.  But those 2 hours can be all driving and no observation.  We don’t often have a student drive for 2 hours unless their skills have developed to a point where they can handle the extended period of attention.
How often can the student drive in one week?

The Registry limits the time in one day that the 16-18 year old student can drive with a driving instructor.  No more than 2 hours per day combined driving and observation.  So tecnichaly the student could be with the instructor behind the wheel no more than 14 hours in a weeks time.

That being said the school has many students and might limit the time in the car so their time can be split over many students. There is also the thought of time between each lesson of parental driving to practice any new skills learned in the last lesson. . 

The student is required to drive with the parents for no less than 40 hours before licensing. If all 40 hours ar completed within a 6 month period,, you are driving EVERY DAY FOR 15-20 MINUTES,

How fast can the student complete the driving lessons?
There are twelve hours of lessons to schedule.  In the best of scenarios it could be about 8-10 weeks. this gives the student a few days in between lessons to practice new skills. BUT, in reality teens in today’s world are heavily scheduled.  School, jobs, sports, driving lessons, school, after school programs, and church events all must be considered. Teachers, coaches, employers and other individuals demand the teen’s time. Throw in a haircut, doctor’s appointment or a unfortunate illness, now without pre-planning it could take much longer.  WE prefer that the lessons be started as soon as the teen gets their driving permit. Getting 6 – 7 lessons done early will help give them skills and confidence. Hopefully, these skills will  make an easier ride and less stress for you, the parent. We can book the last 6 – 7 lessons about two months from the date the teen is eligible for licensing.
When can we book their road test?

The driving school may or may not automatically book the road test. If the driving school regularly sponsors the students in a group test, they might need to reach a certain headcount and just assume you are interested. You will need to ask the driving schools. If yes make sure you are paid and completed the lessons by their deadline.

If no, you can go online and book the test. 

There are a few restrictions though.

  1. The student has completed the course and all fees are paid or up to date.
    1. The driving school has verified and entered all of the course information into the Registry’s database and paid the certification fee. 
  2. If the student finishes the driving course early, they must wait until they have held the driving permit 154 days from the date of issue to book a road test.
  3. The road test will not be booked for a date earlier than 184 days from the date of issue of the driving permit.
  4. During the 184 days before booking the road test, the student must not have had an accident, or citation from the police. The student must also not have been arrested for any other reason even if it has nothing to do with driving.
Do you offer off-site tests?

No, Our school is closed.

Isn’t the money I paid the driving school pay for those fees?
NO, The driving school will not collect money for the permit, license or appointment.  We collect money for the course or sponsorship; which covers the use of the school car for the test, the instructor’s time, and the time scheduling and preparing paperwork for the test.
Can’t I pay for the licensing fees to the Registry of Motor Vehicles after the road test?

Yes, but the student’s permit will remain a permit until you pay the fees. Also the Registry will not start to process the license until the fees are paid. The Registry does prefer you pay online, you can do so after the test. 

What is it so important to pre-pay the licensing fees to the Registry of Motor Vehicles ahead of time?
Mostly, it is convenience for you. At the end of the next business day, the test results will be filed by the examiner into the computer.  If the fees are pre-paid, the applicant is then legal to drive by themselves.  The license will arrive in the mail 7 – 10 days later. The signed permit will be the temporary license until the plastic one arrives.
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