Being a driving instructor is a great part-time job. You spend time driving in the car with persons who have a goal of  passing their road test and getting a drivers license. Many times people comment that “I must be crazy, brave, or have nerves of steel.”  Well maybe yes, but mostly no; It depends on the client. Our teen drivers are usually not to scary. They listen and are usually great behind the wheel. Some times the older client can be scary as they are afraid and their fear can be a challenge. So, we just take it slower. The benefits of this job is that you can work for a few hours during times you are available. But usually at first you would work after school, and weekends when the teens are available. And as for the job being scary? You have a brake on your side of the car! That brake give you quite a bit of it diminishes a lot of your fear. Lastly if you were starting out, we would put you in with teen drivers who have had a number of lessons already. If you feel ready and want to drive with adults or the elderly then that would be down the line.

So now you’re thinking this sounds good, I like to drive… im a good driver… what do I have to do to be a driving instructor? Well, the state of Massachusetts will only allow licensed trainers to teach driving. There is a curriculum to follow that is a bit extensive, then a test at the Registry to get your teaching license.

So here it goes…

Part 1 – 45+ hours of classroom study. Basically, take the drivers ed course over again.(30 hours) I will give you some extra books to review to get deeper insight on the material (15 hours)

Part 2 – learning office paperwork (10-15 hours) ; Classroom teaching (10 hours another course session with instructors help)

Part 3 – Behind the wheel instruction  (10 hour observing the instructor) + (10 hours teaching with instructor observing you)

Part 4 – Go to the Registry to take the knowledge test.  The test will be 100 questions and the passing grade is 90%. If you pass, you will receive you license to teach in the mail. This license must be renewed every year ($25.)


These do not have to be done in any specific order, as long as parts 1, 2, & 3 are done before part 4, the test.

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