All the information for our Parents.


Upcoming dates

This is a mandatory portion to the program. There is no fee for our students.
BUT.. if a parent does not attend within 3 months of the start of class, a $50 surcharge will be added to your account each month.
If you are attending from another school, please bring a copy of your child’s permit and a $20 fee

 Second Sunday of each month 

The seminars are usually given at our main classroom on second Sunday of each month. We start at 6PM sharp so we can be done by 8PM. Please come at 5:45 for a chance to say hello. If the date falls on a long weekend we will hold the seminar the second Wednesday.


Supervised Driving Log

  • A note to parents… The learner’s permit is valid for 2 years; but most children are looking to finish their driving requirements in or around 6 months.
  • It is required by law that your child drives a minimum of 40 hours behind the wheel with you or another person over the age of 21. This person also must have been licensed at least for the past 12 months. Now, I have done the math, and feel free to figure this out as well. Obviously, the more your child drives with you, the better driver they will become. Set a goal of time that you can work toward, keep track of the time, and your child will have a great foundation of skills and experience.

40 hours = 2400 minutes (100 hrs. = 6000 min.)

6 months = 184 days

2400 min./180 days = 14 minutes a day of driving time or 1.5 hours a week

6000 min./180 days = 30 min./day

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