You or a loved one has received a letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles stating that your license has been revoked.. but you want to get back onto the road; you are on the right page.

You are not allowed to drive on the road. So getting a competency road test will take a few steps

Answer a few questions truthfully.

  • Are your driving habits perfect? or safe?
  • Do you understand all the new laws?
  • Can you perform all of the different maneuvers on the road?
  • Can you parallel park effortlessly?
  • You are still driving with your hands on the wheel at 10 & 2.

If the answer on any of these questions is NO.. you should have some review lessons before a competency road test.

To arrange for a competency road test you will need to visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles  and talk to a Hearing Officer. But before you run off to do that, finish reading this page.

Upon answering the questions above you realize you should have a few review lessons, we can’t take you out onto the road without a license or permit to drive. Since your license was revoked, your only option to get out practicing is to request the Registry issue you a “T” permit. You cannot personally make that request; it has to come from a driving school.

We will write a letter to the Registry, You can take that letter to the Hearing Officer. Upon meeting with the Officer, they will decide whether or not you can move forward. If yes, Medical Affairs will issue the “T” permit and you can start driving ONLY WITH THE DRIVING SCHOOL. If the Hearing Officer says you can schedule the competency test you can do that as well. We will also be taking you to the road test. Please schedule the test at either Lawrence, Wilmington.


So we can get started, fill out the form below

The Registry of Motor Vehicles will have sent you notifications in the mail. To properly assist you, our office may need a copies of all paperwork that was sent to you.

To have this move faster, please fax us copies of all letters to the following number 978-312-1464

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