Sponsoring your Road Test

All Road Tests from March 16th – April 7th have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  I have 3 test booked on April 8th in Haverhill (Curley, Baker & King) Haverhill has not even been open since 3/16. So I am not looking with optimisim to those tests either.  BUT if is is all systems go, I will be meeting you at the Haverhill Registry at 9:30am. They have dropped the mandate for Real ID so make sure you pre-pay online next week. Then you do not have to go INTO the RMV after the test.

For everyone else I am planning to host a group test and I will start requiesting a date as soon as I reach 20 on the list. The Registry is back-logged with about 5,000 road tests that they/we have to reschedule. So hold tight, the rollercoaster ride is no way over yet.

Just keep in mind that communication is key, and I am in your corner. I will not leave you floundering out in space of the unkown by your self. Keep checking this website to keep apprised of the next steps.

All information beyond this point is old and not necessary at this point in time

To qualify to  test, you must be either 18 years of age or older, or have completed all 12 hours of Behind the Wheel driving lessons. YOU ALSO MUST HAVE HELD THE PERMIT FOR 184 DAYS BY TEST DAY, AND PAID IN FULL. 

If you are 18, and want to book a test make sure we know.


As soon as all the paperwork is filed with the RMV, I will book a test in either Haverhill or Lawrence. The date will be about 4-6 weeks from the last driving lesson. When the test is over, you will be taken to school.


If you have a upcoming road test scheduled please continue to the bottom of the page. YOU MUST SIGN IN YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER IN ORDER TO SEE WHAT TIME AND WHERE WE WILL MEET ON TEST DAY!!!!


  1. You must pay your test fees BEFORE I can schedule another one.  ($35. road test appointment you failed or missed, pay also for the next test $35. & $50. plastic license) The RMV restricts your next test appointment to be at least 14 days away.
  2. I will also charge you  $40 to sponsor you again.
  3. Text me as soon as you have paid the test fees. I can NOT schedule another test until ALL of the above is done


Make sure you check out what you must do prior to your test below.  AND make sure you log in at the bottom of the page. there you will see your name on the list. If it is not there call me to see why.

Real ID vs. Standard Credential:   On your permit, on the front right you will see a red stripe horizontal , Under or over the red stripe is writted which you have. 

REAL ID. – go online to the Mass. RMV website and pre-pay your license fees. You will be then ready for your road test. Make sure you print out and keep the receipt. Bring it with you on test day.  PAY YOUR FEES HERE

FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM ONLINE. Then print it out. Using a BLACK PEN, please have both you and your parents (if not yet 18) sign the form. Then drop off the signed form to Bright’s office.

Class D/M Road Test Application



Fill out the 2 following forms on line: Then using a BLACK PEN, have yourself and your parents parents sign the forms. When done return them to Brights office.

Class D/M Road Test Application

Licensing Application


AFTER the road test,..If time permits or with your parents the next business day  you must go back to the Registry with all the forms of Identification and legal residence. You then can pay the license fees. Your permit will remain a permit until you go and pay the fees. DO NOT GO BEFORE THE TEST.  THE REGISTRY WILL NOT LET YOU DO ANYTHING BEFORE HAND. Bring the credentials with you to pay and process the information after your test. 

  1. Birth Certificate / valid passport
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Your permit
  4. A recent pay stub
  5. A recent bank statement
  6. School transcript

Please sign in below. If you have a test booked, the next page will tell you the date, time and Registry you will test at. If you do not see your name listed call Mrs. Larson

If you are not a BRIGHTS student and are looking for a road test, you must fill out the request form.  The price varies to which type of test you need. All road test fees include a mandatory one hour evaluation/lesson to make sure your skills are ready for testing. If we feel you are ready, we will add you to the next test.
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