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Our Road Tests..

Our road test is open to anyone ready to pass the practical driving test. (If you need a test due to being charged with a OUI, I am sorry that we cannot help you.) 

Starting 1-1-2022 – We are taking our students to the Registry for their road tests. When you have completed all of your lessons, you can go on the Registry of Motor Vehicles website and schedule your test. If your test is booked at either Haverhill or Lawrence I will be able to take you to the Registry in the morning of the appointment. We will schedule the time of pickup depending on the appointment time. That will allow a few minutes to review before the test.

You can book at any Registry, but other than Haverhill or Lawrence, you will be on your own. I wlll not be able to take you.

GROUP TESTS.. We can request the Registry of Motor Vehicles to schedule an examiner to conduct these tests. When I have the qualifing numbers, I send in a request, it is either accepted or denied due to the number of examiners available.  I never know the exact date until the Registry tells me, about 1 week before the test.


1.  We must have a minimum of 20 applicants on our list who are ready to test. (maximum of 30)

2. Only applicants who are over 18 yrs. of age can go on the list without completing drivers ed. FIRST.

3. No applicant will be put on the list without one of our instructors conducting an evaluating lesson beforehand. We will decide if the applicant is ready.

4. There is NO GUARANTEE of passing, or even getting a test that was requested.

5. All applications must be received 2.5 weeks before proposed road test date.

6. Once the application is sent, I cannot add you to the list, you must wait until the next application is sent

7. If the application is denied by the registry (lack of examiners to conduct the tests) Our office will turn around and resend the application the following week

8. If the applicant is denied a test due to incorrect information, or another test booked at another time or place. We CAN NOT get them back on the list.



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