Students must be at least 15 years 9 months old to attend the classroom portion. On their 16th birthday they are eligible to take the knowledge test at the RMV.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Drivers Education Course

30 hour classroom instruction including:

  • Understanding your Vehicle
    • safety components
    • different systems
    • daily care
  • Driving Skills
    • the physics of driving
    • where to look, turn,
  • Defensive Driving Skills
    • managing risk
  • Dangerous Choices we make
    • health, alcohol, drugs, illness, injury, distractions
  • Adverse Driving Conditions
    • breakdowns

12 hours behind the wheel instruction

6 hours in-car observing another driver’s lessons

2 hour parent seminar

Requirements for Teen Driving Course


The required classroom curriculum is 30 hours in length.

The student must attend all 30 hours and must be 15 years 9 months to start class.  If any class is missed, the class covering the same material missed must be attended at another session within the next three 3 months. Please check with the the office to verify the dates you need to attend.

Students are required to have a notebook and take notes in class. They must be on time and sign in upon arrival. If the student fails to sign in they will not be credited with attendance of that class.

Parents/students are obliged to disclose any learning issues (IEP/504) that may assist the school in addressing individual student needs. Our classroom teacher is unable to accommodate these students without prior knowledge. If your child does have more serious challenges, it is expected the the parent will follow up the class program at home.


12 hours instructional driving ~ 6 hours observation of another student

The driving lessons will be 1 hour to 2 hours in length and may include time observing another student’s driving lesson. Maximum time allowed in the car each lesson is 2 hours. The pick up will be arranged when making the driving appointment by the student. Most of the time we offer door-to-door service.

We prefer the student that has their permit, start scheduling lessons after the parent has attended their seminar and the student having completed the classroom portion. The lessons do require time to practice with a parent.

If for some reason, at the assigned time, you are unable to drive or you’re without a permit, your driving time will be canceled and a missed lesson fee of $30 will be charged. To avoid this charge please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of changes in your schedule.


The seminar is required. If you attended at another driving school in the past 5 years, you must present our office with a copy of the certificate of attendance at the beginning of class. If we do not get a certificate, we require the parent attend with three months of the start of classroom.
The seminar is given at our office/classroom at 75 Turnpike Rd. Ipswich. Usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 6-8PM. Our program and requirements will be discussed, along with the laws of Massachusetts toward the under age teen. During this time we will hopefully answer any questions you might have.
After attending the seminar a Certificate of Attendance will be issued. This will be valid toward any younger children attending the driver’s educational program for next 5 years.

If you do not attend within 3 months time we will place a $50 surcharge on your account each month.


For students under 18 years old ~ a road test can not be scheduled until the certification of completion is received and filed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. TRANSLATION.. All portions of the program must be completed and paid for.

If you are 18 or older we can schedule a road test before the lessons are over if your skills are ready. We expect that you will still complete the 12 driving lessons for the insurance discount. We reserve the right to decide if you are ready for the road test.

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