Reviews are wonderful and we love the feedback.. BUT the best pat on the back is when siblings enroll into our program, and we have LOTS of them, scroll down and see all the families.

6-6-16 – My daughter Lila got her MA driver’s license today. Brights driving school walked her through every step of the way. Sandra (the owner) has some wonderful people working with her and they are extremely accommodating and friendly. Sandra has simply thought of EVERYTHING and her website (which she will point you to for it all) is EXTREMELY USER FRIENDLY and helpful. There is not a question you can possibly have that cannot be answered by navigating her website which is CONSTANTLY
I would say that Sandra eats, sleeps and drinks BRIGHTS DRIVING SCHOOL. If for some reason (of your error) you could not find an answer to a question you have by looking on the website, Sandra will answer her phone or immediately get back to you. She is blunt and straightforward but always respectful and extremely helpful and accommodating. Her prices are fair (the most reasonable in the area) and she is flexible with payment schedules if needed. The driving instructors are all also super- accommodating as far as picking up the students in different locations. Her staff is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and calm. My daughter felt completely safe during each lesson and enjoyed herself while learning.
Let’s face it-the classroom sessions are difficult to keep interesting but there’s not a ton that could be done since there is certain content which needs to be covered and in fairness, other than perhaps adding some additional media to the classroom sessions, Sandra tries to keep it as interesting as possible.
The topping on the cake was the ease of both the permit test at the RMV which is also set up through the website and carefully thought out in detail by Sandra and the road test for the MA driver’s license which was set up entirely through the school. All Lila had to do was show up and the rest was a breeze!
I give Bright’s driving school 5 STARS and would recommend that anyone who lives in the Byfield /Newbury /Rowley/Ipswich /Topsfield /Hamilton /Georgetown /Salisbury area consider Sandra’s school for all their driving school and license needs.

My Daughter Lila

Lila's Mothers review

4/4/16 – I have two sons that went through Bright’s and overall very pleased. They do try and accommodate you and assist when they can. They keep you updated on events like the road test. You do have responsibilities to make sure you are also on top of your own items and schedules. I believe with both sons there might have been one mix up or cancelled driving class. They picked our sons up at the house and used their cars for the tests. They scheduled the tests locally and basically we made one trip with each son to the MV for paperwork. My wife and I really did very little, our sons and the school did it all. GW – Ipswich

Both Sons went through Brights Driving School

A+ experience

8/6/2015 – Yesterday afternoon, my son passed his driving test. He is our third child to complete driver Ed classes in the area. Our older two kids attended two area schools which have since closed. Brights is still here and open for good reason. Sandra runs an excellent service. She leaves no stone unturned in her lessons. Kids and adults alike know exactly what to expect out of the driving experience. She makes certain everyone is well informed , including the parents. every step of the way. She and her staff are well qualified and provided excellent training. Scheduling driving classes is easy with the online service. Classroom times are convenient. Sandra sets up group road test days and last night even provided pizza for the kids and parents while we waited our turn. I highly recommend using this driving school. You will not be disappointed

Son completed Brights Driving School

Fathers review

4-6-15 – Best driving school ever! Brights has a ton of patience and won’t quit until you get it right. I definitely recommend this driving school to anyone.

Best Driving school ever

Review on Brights driving school

We at Brights Driving School love getting to know all of the students who come through our doors. We are even more thrilled when younger brothers and sisters come later. This lets us know you were pleased enough with our services, to send us your children again.

So here is a BIG THANK YOU to the FAMILIES that we have taught to drive.

Allen Cordes Gibson Maglio Pettengill Swenson
Amoroso Cosgrove Glavin Malmquist Piotrowski Tarlow
Amundsen Cox Goldfarb Maloberti Potter Thibault
Antonucci Crecco Gott Maloney Prasad Tolstrup
Aparo Cressy Graham Manchester Pries Travis
Aponas Cressey Gram Markos Rabines Trefrey
Armstrong Crockett Hambley Marshall Recupero Trepanier
Arons Crossman Hancock Mastrangelo Reedy Trigilio
Arvanites Culbertson Hanlon Mastrocola Remy Turpin
Baldinelli D’Agostino Herd Mauser Robert Twomey
Barkowski Darsney Hills McCuish Roberts Upton
Barnes DeFossez Hoyt McFayden Robinson Usovicv
Barrett DeFronzo Hunt McGrath Rodrigues Valentine
Barry Denaro Indingaro McLoon Rollins VanLenten
Bartlett DiFiore Jamieson McManus Romano Waiswilos
Beauvais Dion Janvrin McTigue Roseler Wall
Behringer Dirks Jelnick McWeeney Ross Wallis
Benford Doherty Jerome Merchant Rybicki Warner
Berkman Doran Johnson Michel Sabatini Warren
Berthoud Dumont Kabeya Mihalchik Sacco Watts
Bocko Dunn Karamitsios Miller Scharfe Weagle
Boyle Eddy Kassier Millette Schmidt Wendt
Breen Eden Kelley Milroy Scola Werner
Brockelbank Elliott Kelly Monroe Shelburne Weston
Brown Emmith Kennedy Monteviles Sirois Wetson
Buckless Equi Killian Moore Skonicki Whippen
Burdick Erickson Kim Moriarty Small Whitmore
Calvani Estes Klimowicz Morris Smith Whooley
Cayer Falzone Koning Mulkerkin Snow Zampetella
Cheston Fanning Kotowski Murphy Snyder
Chickering Farley Kugel Ninthala Spurling
Ciolek Ferguson Kuljic Noone Standish
Clarke Ford Lemonosky O’Neil Stanley
Coffey Francis Lin O’Brien Staples
Collyer Gabriel Looby O’Leary Stasey
Colpits Galanis Lopez Pappas Statile
Comunale Gallanar Luttenbacher Paquette Steele
Cook Galoski Lynch Perilli Stone
Corbin Gauthier MacDonald Perry Sullivan

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