Young Adult Registration

Are you 18 + years of age?  Have you been driving for a while, and you are ready for a road test?  Then we have a package plan for you! Please note.. if you have taken the classroom portion of a Drivers Education class within the past 2 years, you should sign up for the 12 driving lessons. it will be well worth you time and money to complete the program. (look under classroom for the student registration)

Road test preparation with 6 hours of  driving lessons, and a road test. ($350.00) 

We will teach you the proper methods to back up, turn around and park so you have a better chance to pass the road test. This program does not offer any insurance benefits, only the piece of mind that you know the methods the examiners will be critiquing you on during your road test. Payment of $350.00 is due on the first lesson. **Insurance benifits.. If you are licensed without the full drivers education package,  your insurance costs will be hundreds of dollars more each and every year until you have proven you are a safe driver. That could take 8 or more years. Those hundreds of dollars do add up to thousands of dollars after 5-10 years. Drivers Education saves you money!!!!

PLEASE NOTE.. THIS IS NOT A PROGRAM TO LEARN TO DRIVE. There is no guarantee of passing the road test. You will still have to prove you have the skills to be a safe driver.

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